ObamaCare Breast Pump and Breast Feeding

My Obamacare Pump arrived this week and I am so happy!!!  My baby is 3 months old today (yay!)  and I have been pumping on borrowed pumps from my friends, which are GREAT, but the cords were a bit old (one cracked) and the portable one doesn’t have as strong as a suction as I would like.

Ameda Purely Yours Electric Breast Pump

Fact: 75% of women attempt breast feeding their newborn, but only 13% are doing so at 6 months.


1) Breast feeding is hard.  It is not intuitive.  Most women need support, such as from a lactation consultant or the La Leche League. It hurts the first couple of weeks.  And if you do get the hang of it, it has to become a priority. If your child is hungry, then you must stop what you are doing and feed him.   Including stop sleeping.  Some women are lucky and have little angels who start sleeping 10 hours a day at 6 weeks.  Or you could have an little rolly polly like mine who still needs to eat twice a night at three months.

2) Electric breast pumps are expensive($200 – $400)  And if you go back to work and don’t pump during the day, your milk supply dwindles.

3) Our culture is very averse to breast feeding, even though 45 of 50 states protect the woman’s right to breast feed her child covered or uncovered in any public location.  You can be fully in your right to breastfeed, but feel uncomfortable doing so simply because of looks people gave you, or because of idiots like the one below.

(I don’t want to hear about the right of a business to ask anyone to leave.  This is akin to asking a black person to leave because of the color of his skin or a gay couple to leave because of their sexual orientation.  Breastfeeding mothers have RIGHTS too)

However, if you could pump ahead of time, or on a regular schedule, this would allow mothers to freeze and bottle their breast milk and keep up supply.  Obama care has mandated that as of January 1 2013, insurance must cover breast pumps, no deductible, no co-pay.  Completely cover.  Medical suppliers like Edgepark or third parties like Pumping Essentials make it easier than pie to get one, and it is delivered to your door free of charge.

So what did I do to get my free breast pump?

– Went to the Edgepark website and reviewed which pumps were available.

– Went to Amazon and looked at the reviews for each pump (8/10/13 there were three available) and selected one.

– I called Edgepark directly at 1-800-321-0591 (Mon-Fri 8am-5pm, EST), gave them my insurance information.

– Pump showed up at my door three days later.

Caveat – And many states (like Texas, where I live) do not protect women’s need to breastfeed at the workplace. You are not federally protected in any way shape or form, and only a handful of states require employers to have some sort of lactation program.  Employers are not obliged to make any provisions like a private room, and women must pump on their own lunch hour or during their break time.  It is difficult to pump and do anything other than lean forward, much less eat.

Hopefully this changes, and with more women getting breast pumps into their hands, hopefully legislation in our states will become more mother and family friendly.


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